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If I were to explain my fascination with natural history in just one sentence, I would choose this:

"The summit of Mt. Everest is marine limestone".

It simply conveys a straightforward fact, describing a static scene, presenting an unadorned statement. Yet, it swiftly traverses the 480 million years of transformation from ancient seabed dust to the pinnacle of the world.

The poetic essence in natural history exists independently of human language. Anyone can describe the limestone of the Mt. Everest, assemble the sentence in the same way, and no one becomes its author.

The paramount literature to me is presented through the medium of human language but does not belong to humanity.

Thus, I aspire to be a candid translator of the secret script etched into every form and feature of nature that recounts its past and hints at its future. 

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 A collection of my field diaries, behind-scene stories of my favorite shots, and nerdy contemplations over the planktonic world. 

Personal Evolution

A series of reflections upon the important turning points of my life, including the discovery of my passion for underwater photography, and encounters with people who have inspired and helped me along the way. 


Evolutionary Biology Is a Lifestyle 

A collection of abstract mental exercises that ponder over evolutionary theories that unify the astounding diversity of life. These theoretical explorations have enriched and complemented my understanding of the natural world derived from field observations.

Sources of Inspirations

Recommendations for books, talks and articles that have sparked my curiosity, shaped my conservation philosophy, and cultivated a deeper appreciation for science and nature in me. 

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